Little bit-about us.

The gold industry was established in 1993 and was the first private social service in Israel in the field of counseling and adapting to nursing homes for families and adults. We specialize in managing the complex process of choosing a residential frame and institutional arrangement for adults.

The counseling services are available for adults with different needs and levels of function: Independent, exhausted, frail-minded, and also counseling for the temporary frameworks of rehabilitation and recovery. We are prepared to find an immediate solution in urgent cases.

Towards the end of the 1980s, as a result of the fountainhead, a significant increase in the number of institutions offering solutions for the age of gold and its types.

Increasing the supply and competition has led to the improvement of the service, but has created a few new problems and deliberations for the adults and their families: for example, how to choose the best frame? Is it possible to rely solely on a conversation with the directors of the institutions or with the marketing people who represent them? How do you check the status of the institution before the authorities? 

Since the culture of the homes and the various institutions, and in light of the ethical issues arising from the new service that began to evolve in Israel without any supervision, final concern for the child is to put a real-world social service, which includes a serious and binding ethics code.

Throughout the years, nursing homes have participated in every professional forum in the field of geriatrics and Georgian conventions, and turned to a number of senior factors to act for recognition and legitimacy in the field of counseling and guidance for adults.

In recent years, consulting companies have been multiplying and referring to the homes of the fathers, as are the various issues that are derived from the fact that this is a non-controlled area. In light of the situation that was created, Sufi Halbers initiated the establishment of the Al-A.L. Association. : The Association of Adult Counseling Companies (חל"צ) who created a binding ethics code, and it aims to regulate and promote the profession.