Choose a nursing home.

Choosing a nursing home is a complex process in which family members have to make a very meaningful decision.

First of all, should one evaluate a suitable functional condition: Independent, exhausted, mentally, or nursing?

Secondly, the economic possibility. Whether the frame's financing will be privately or it is necessary to receive funding by the state (depends on the income test).

After understanding the functional definition and how the framework is funded, how do you actually choose the right nursing home?  Will the nursing home provide adequate care for your loved ones? 

We have assembled a number of highlights that will help in choosing the home of the Patriarchs and separately a number of highlights in the selection of sheltered housing.

In every frame – in every institution, the family is an integral part of the treatment of the elderly and must be alert to any change in the tenant's condition.

The following are key accents in choosing a nursing home.

Check whether the institution is working according to devices or above standards of the Supervisor Authority (Ministry of Health or the Welfare ministry). Examples
1. Shower in Nursing home-a device is bathing every two days and there are places that bathe every day.
2. The presence of Psychgeriater is not standard, but there are institutions that are employers in the same way as needed and on specific days.
3. Number of caregivers – by device or above device?

Presence of the director of mast
It is necessary to accept the exact times in which he is present and to ensure that the manager himself is conducting a surprise visit daily and at night.

The occupants ' status
There's no excuse for any neglected tenant.
Are the occupants dormant or aptathic?
Sometimes, a nursing home seems clean and orderly, but there is an unpleasant odor in the departments, meaning that the occupants themselves are not clean and/or the occupants ' clothes are not clean.

The task types
Are there a variety of activities? Are there any activities in the afternoon? It's a good idea to get there once in a while and see what really takes place.

Remembering that the number of therapists
Not including a doctor – a nurse – cleaning workers.

The alternating therapists
It is common in an institution but must be a regular core therapists which is basically the basis of handling tenants.

Check to see that the teams are coordinating from shift to shift.

When making a decision, you can make another visit to the potential nursing home.
After moving to the institution, it is necessary to pay attention to unexplained signs in the body, lack of hygiene, and lack of reports to families by the professional team and disregard the family's requests.
You can contact me for advice, guidance and further emphasis on choosing the best and most suitable framework-1-800-80-90-90-free service

Difference between protected housing and an independent nursing home
An independent nursing home is a residential institution that enables the management of independent social life activities. The nursing home provides medical services, nursing, activities, meals and so on. The house has single or 2 room units and has a private bathroom (usually no kitchenettes).

Sheltered housing is an independent residential center that allows the company to manage social life and the emphasis is on activities. It features residential units – a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchenette.

There are two main highlights in finding a frame for the independent and they are:
1. Target population
2. Budget

The following is a table that centers the differences between an independent nursing home and a protected housing:

Nursing Home for IndependentsSheltered housing
SettingIndependent housing
In an institutional framework
Housing for independent housing
Within a Community framework.
Nursing LawAttackHousing for independent housing
Within a Community framework.
  • Monthly payment.
  • There's usually no admission fee.
  • There's usually no admission fee.
  • Admission/Deposit
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Private payment only-no

Possibility of financing from welfare

Medical treatment Provide medical service and care for the tenant's welfare:
Nurse-24 hours
The doctor-hours fixed by the number of tenants and mostly all week round
Nursing Home Therapists
Availability of medical services:
Nurse-most hours of the day
Doctor on some days of the week
Therapists-Nursing law and the tenant's responsibility
Arunhotutai 3 meals a day and possibly
2 Intermediate
Meals can be cooked in an apartment or bought in the dining room
Activities Varied and dependent activities
In the House of Fathers and tenants
The main emphasis in housing is
Very well-adjusted activities

The gold approach accompanies the families throughout the process in front of the authorities, for whom to contact, which medical forms should be submitted, which forms should be filled out, and so on.