Our team

We specialize in managing the complex process of choosing a residential frame and institutional arrangement for adults.

The counseling services are available for adults with different needs and levels of function: Independent, exhausted, frail-minded, and also counseling for temporary frameworks of rehabilitation and recovery.

In the field of gold and nursing home in Tel Aviv, we are deeply familiar with all the bodies operating in the area of health and geriatrics, as well as individuals: general hospitals, sick funds, health and welfare ministries, National Insurance, the Ministry of Defense and more.

The gold BIVII has an ongoing connection with all types of nursing homes and nursing institutions, with personal familiarity with their managers and senior staff.

In the Golden House of nursing homes, we are ready to find an immediate solution in urgent cases, we are available at all times to provide counseling and support.

In the course of gold, the families examine the range of relevant options: from treating the house, through solutions within the community and beyond the nursing home.