Functional settings

Functioning levels settings for an institution

Geriatric institutions are divided by function definition.
A functional setting is determined by a family doctor – gritter – Psychogritter or nurse.
A nursing home is not allowed to receive a tenant with an incompatible function setting.

A population capable of managing an independent lifestyle. These people are able to walk on their own, conduct routine activities such as bathing, eating and wearing clothes without any assistance.
Independent adults communicate clear communication with those around them and they are clear in their minds.
Appropriate frame:
-An independent nursing home–exhausted in private finance or through the Ministry of Welfare.
-Protected housing – private or public funding by the Ministry of Housing.

A weary person cannot fully serve himself, needs partial help in daily operations.
An elderly person can perform some of the actions (ADL) in the House of movement, bathing, eating, dressing, bathing.
However, you need help performing one or more of these actions.
Appropriate frame:
-An independent nursing home–exhausted in private finance or through the Ministry of Welfare.
-A department of exhausted can be called "supportive class".

Weary of mind 
A person who suffers from dementia in a relatively advanced state, decreased long-term memory loss, injury to judgment, injury to orientation in time and/or place. A person in this function needs the help of others in daily operations (ADL). A weary person can get around independently.
Appropriate frame:
-A Department of personal financing or through the Ministry of Health-code.

A person who suffers from poor health and function due to a chronic illness and/or a permanent physical impairment and/or a poor mental condition. A person who suffers from medical problems requiring medical follow-up and nursing care for a prolonged period that is confined to a wheelchair (cannot walk on his own). A nursing person needs to help others in most ADL operations.
Appropriate frame:
-Nursing Department, privately funded or through the Ministry of Health.

A Complex nursing home
Frail-care people in a state that is unstable, with medical problems that do not require hospitalization in a hospital, but require close medical treatment and monitoring, or people who answer one of the following criteria: 
-Level 3-4 pressure lesions in the skin
-The need for long-lasting medicines
-The Soul is constant 
-Use of BIPAP (also only overnight) 
-A nursing patient who needs regular dialysis or intelligence. 
Patient who suffers from a malignant disease requiring active treatment 
Patient who suffers from a malignant disease that requires treatment of pain relief (narcotics)
A patient who needs blood transfusion frequently than once a month for prolonged periods. 
Appropriate frame: 
A complex of nursing care and financing of the HMO 


Sheltered housing 

A framework of separate residential units which includes a living room, kitchenette, shower and toilet. The framework of nursing homes is suitable for those who are capable of managing a completely independent lifestyle. Cleaning and maintenance services, diverse social activities and distressed attractions are provided. You can also purchase additional services such as meals, accompanying places outside the frame, and various treatments. These frameworks do not apply to government supervision.

Nursing Home

A framework designed for self-employed and exhausted who need help at least some of the daily activities. The framework is concerned with fulfilling and satisfying the tenant's needs – supervision and medical care, proper nutrition, employment, laundry and cleanliness. This framework must operate under the supervision and license of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Daycare icon

An institution with a daycare symbol is the institution that receives the elderly not only privately but also in financing and participation in the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Nursing Institutes 

Departments that are designed for those whose level of functioning have decreased to the level in which they are completely dependent on others-if as a result of physical limitations (wheelchair-bound, non-stop control), and, if due to a mental deterioration that does not allow for daily activities (clothing, bathing and eating). These departments must have 24-hour supervision and are operating under the supervision and license of the Ministry of Health. 

חוקים ותקנות

Nursing Law 

The law that provides auxiliary services for women aged 60 and above and for men who are 65 or older, who are limited in their ability, and also meet the income test. The services basket includes hours of assistance in housekeeping (cleanliness, shopping and cooking), help in personal care (bathing and apparel), staying in day centers, supplying septic (disposable diapers), distress button 


A term used by the Ministry of Health to define the budget that funding a person's hospitalization.

Beds funded by the Ministry of Health

Beds funded by the Ministry of Health whether they are in a state or private institution. As of today, many of the beds funded by the Ministry of Health are located in private institutions. 


When a person reaches a situation that cannot take care of his needs due to a mental decline, his judgment, memory, orientation in time and place is impaired, the state from which he is guardian to that person. The Guardian must take care of the confidential needs, the protection of its assets, management and development, and to represent any legal proceeding or procedure.
Sometimes, the powers of the guardians are divided between a number of people and/or a particular field: Custodian of property matters, guardian of body matters (when the privileged person needs medical treatment required in accord and signing).
The appointment of a guardian is done in a court order, and it requires the applicant's consent and the secret agreement if he is able to express his opinion in the matter.
There is usually a priority for a family member of first or other proximity, but there are also guardianship funds to be confidential or confidential that the their families is incapable of worrying about their needs.

בעלי תפקיד במוסד

A psychiatrist who specializes in old age. 

 A doctor who specializes in old age. 

The Department is responsible for the brothers and therapists. 
Responsible for the treatment of nursing in the framework. 

Social worker
Responsible for the welfare of the tenant, the rights of the tenant contact with the families, guardianship. 

Provides physiotherapy or preservative treatment for a tenant in the framework. 

A clinical dietitian that determines the appropriate menu for a tenant staying in the frame. 

Occupational Clinic/Employment worker   
In charge of providing employment activities to a tenant from a rehabilitation approach.